Daily Devotionals

Hello! I do campus ministry for high school and the teachers were interested in using a daily devotional each morning with the kids for prayer for about 10 mins. Any suggestions on good resources?


  • Here is a great daily devotional on Divine Mercy https://shop.lifeteen.com/collections/books/products/living-mercy

  • If I had 10 minutes a day to spend with high school youth, instead of using a devotional book... I'd teach them a different type of prayer and practice it with them for a month at a time. I might start with something simple like The Examen by Saint Ignatius and then go into Lectio Divine, Ignatian Meditation, etc. But, thats just me! I think that its important to teach our kids different schools of prayer so as to help them find what works for them during this season of their life. I also might suggest having the kids keep some type prayer journal that they can reflect back on throughout the school year.

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