Fall kick off

Hey all,

Just looking to get some ideas for a fun kick off for fall. In the past 4 years we've done:
• a colour run
• the 'googa mooga' Life Night
• black light games
• fear factor

My budget will be max 150 (food and supplies), but would prefer to do it for less! We expect about 25 teens.


  • Hey @kellirp! Do messy games... like Cheezie Beard (Shaving Cream and Cheezies). Your group seems good at that. LOL! :D #cantbelieveyouwonwiththat
    But seriously, great discussion topic... we were just talking about ideas at our Core Meeting last night.
    We looked through the book "Game On" for ideas.

  • @fayemccreedy HAHA good call.
    John and I chatted about basically doing the games our group won at + some more messy games. :D

    Can we borrow:
    your corn hole stuff & the water balloon slingshot Sept 17? :)

    If you guys come up with another kick off idea... let me know!

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