What does Life Teen consider a semester?

Hello! I was hired last week as our parish youth minister and Life Teen was dropped in my lap. I'm trying to review and prep for a kickoff at the end of this month. I am having a hard time understanding how to implement these "life supports". Is a semester considered a month?

Help! :)


  • @dustindauzat Thank you for your YES to the parish your are serving. A semester is just like a school semester. 3-4 months in the Fall and 3-4 months in the spring. In 2007, Life Teen implemented the 8 semester framework (Church, Sacraments, the Person of Christ, Morality, Scripture, Social Teachings, and Paschal Mystery) put out by the USCCB for catechesis with high school teens. In 2015, after going through the curriculum (which still exists online) 3 times, they moved to a series format (4 life nights threaded together with a common theme). These series can stand alone or you can plug them into on of the semesters (there is a color coding on the spine of the book that correlates with one of the semesters).

    Some parishes still run the 8 semesters and plug one of these series into them. Other parishes only do the series now. These parishes usually start a semester off with some sort of social, then have a series that is followed by an issue life night and then ends with another series; semester done. Still, other parishes run the USCCB semesters and then have an optional mid-week night where they implement a correlation series. There are a number of ways these can be implemented.

    I would suggest looking at your diocesan requirements for catechesis with high school teens to ensure you are implementing in a way that conforms with Diocesan policies. This is assuming that Life Nights are also catechesis at your parish.

    I also think it would be a good idea to speak with @mdowdy, [email protected], who is the director of parish support for Life Teen. She can help with ideas and even get you in contact with one of Life Teen's parish support coaches.

    Hope this helps. God bless! And know that you and your teens are being prayed for.

    John Ray

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    Dustin!! I am so glad you are connected with Life Teen parish coach Katie Gray. We look forward to walking with you this first year and walking you through recruitment of volunteers, training, setting your calendar, and navigating the variety of resources.

    Look forward to covering you and your parish in prayer this year.

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