Communication with Parents

I was curious what others did in their communication with parents about Life and Edge Nights. How often? Days of the week? What you shared? Things like that. Thanks!


  • I used to be terrified of parents and now my weekly email to them is one of my favorite parts of ministry! Our high school youth ministry meets on Wednesdays so every Thursday when I'm in the office I send out an email to the parents. I usually start off telling them we had a great night and thanking them for sending their kids. I do a Coming Up section with a couple of bullet points of things they might want to know. Then I recap the lesson/activity for the night and give them some conversation starter questions (both from the Lifeteen parent letters). If there's a video or webpage I know of that might be useful to them I usually link to that, sometimes I video the funny activities we do and link to the FB page so the parents make sure to look at it. I always end it saying that I am here for them and happy to chat should they want to.

    It has honestly been HUGE for parent involvement and encouragement. I will usually get an email back from a parent thanking me for sending it. It's definitely a lot of brain power each week but it's been worth it!

  • That is awesome, thank you! So you use a combination of the parent letters from Life Teen and other information to share? That is every week as well?

  • I usually give my own summary but I keep it very brief, just the headlines. Then I attach the LifeTeen parent letter and add something like "I have attached a doc with more information and I strongly encourage you to keep the conversation going with your child at home throughout the week."

  • @benrogalla yes, I use a combo, I don't just copy and paste the parent letters from Life Teen. Sometimes I don't love their conversation starters so I make up my own, or I think their explanation of the night is a little too long so I will paraphrase so the email doesn't take 20 minutes to read. I try and send it every week!

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