Information Flyer

Does anyone have an information flyer they hand out to parents during an information night??


  • Here is a flyer and information/registration page from a fantastic parish in WI.

  • Man, this parish looks awesome....

  • We made these: ) Put the Parent Life info on the back of our Life Teen post cards and also made posters.

    Not really for an info night per se.... but parents have been happy with these, and theyve been getting more involved.

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    The website needs to be updated.... but our parish is getting a new one in january, so i'm being lazy and waiting

  • @kellirp LOVE your parent's flyer.

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    Thanks @mdowdy :)

    I have an editable .PSD file in poster size, as well as post card 4x6 size, if anyone wants it

  • @kellirp Can you send it to me or share with me? My email is

  • Awesome website. Do the teens communicate with you? I find when I email my HS students they don't respond. Any suggestions? Would you be able to send me and editable. PSD mdowdy?

  • Sorry, at in response to the PSD.

  • @kellirp can send you the PSD file.

    As for teen communication, email is not the best. A mix of face-to-face, social media, text (via a Flocknote type system), and sharing the same information with parents seems to be the best way to communicate. Never underestimate the power of face-to-face conversations with the teens. Invaluable.

  • Sorry y'all life has been chaotic! @jkwalker33 @DArce @mdowdy

    Here is a folder with a bunch of our stuff. The parents flyer is "LT Parent FLyer Final.psd"

  • Also, for communication, we typically just use email for parents. Teens are on our mailing list, but they rarely care what's coming by email.
    I find face-to-face is the best. Next up is making use of Instagram and using stories (which we haven't gotten into the flow of, but other youth mins are doing great stuff with instastories.)

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