XLT Nights

Hello! We are planning four XLT Nights for the year, and this is our first year doing these in our parish. We really want to get the first one done well, and was wondering if those who have been doing these have any tips, tricks, or suggestions of things to do or keep in mind.
Also, would anyone have ideas or ways to make fliers for an XLT Night? I really want to create something or get something to draw people in to check it out and highlight our speaker and musician.


  • Promotion/marketing are huge, especially if this is your first year. We just started XLT's last year (1 during Advent and 1 during Lent), and publicized it as an event for the whole family (not just the teens). We also had teams of parents run and organize potluck dinners to serve to all attending. Attached is the flyer template we used. I believe it was purchased from www.canva.com.

    Lastly, we partnered together with another local parish so that we could combine financial resources. It made it easier to talk our pastors into making the investment toward these events, as well as making the XLT's something really special for our teens and families!

  • Great, thanks Chris! What language do you use to invite people when it is open to all, but it may be catered to youth?

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