What Tools or Templates do you use that Help Keep you Organized?

Hey friends. We all know that there is a LOT to keep track of throughout the year, especially as we get closer to large events such as retreats, etc.

My question is: Do you use any sort of tools or Excel templates that help you and your core stay organized in your ministry? I'm talking anything that you find useful; from snack schedules, to Core Team planning templates, to retreat checklists, liturgy prep and more.

Would you be so kind as to share the template that you can't live without? I'm happy to share a few of my own, and I look forward to being inspired by the way you stay sane... I mean organized!


  • The first template I created was to help me keep track of long-term projects such as Retreat and XLT prep. I would staple this to the front of a manilla folder and stick files related to the event inside. Hope you find it useful!

  • It's not so much a tracking system, but @abrohamic has an awesome way to schedule your days out.

    I'll let Abraham explain it.

  • Hey @chris, for day to day I love using the storyline planner. It's a free PDF too. if you do a google search and you will find a free downloadable booklet and how to use it.

  • @kellirp @abrohamic Thanks guys! I can't wait to check this out.

  • Hey brother! Here is a tool that I use to organize my day, prioritize, and generally kick Satan in the face with. I try to plan out my day the night before or at least take 15 mins the morning of so I have some clear goals for my day.
    I also like Wunderlist for my ToDos and to share lists with my coworkers or interns. Peace!

  • @splifeteen Great to hear from you man! I have always wanted to intentionally plan out my office time in advance. This rocks, I will print and put into practice tonight.

  • Here's a an excel file I like to call my Messy Masterpiece, haha. It's a template I've used for all of my offsite retreats and has morphed and evolved over the course of many years. From Budget tracking, to carpool organizing, to automatic tshirt-counting (yes, I'm a nerd), I'm sure someone's bound to find something useful in here! Enjoy.

  • Idk if this will help, but we use signinsheet.org to keep track of our attendance. And the kids like signing in using the iPad/iPhone

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