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  • @kellirp can send you the PSD file. As for teen communication, email is not the best. A mix of face-to-face, social media, text (via a Flocknote type system), and sharing the same information with parents seems to be the best way to communicate. …
  • Here are the basic Covenants, application, and interview for Core Members to include an Edge Core Covenant.
  • Here is a great blog: Along with some great interview questions: INTERVIEW QUESTIONS The time has come to bring the final candidate or candidat…
  • There will also be a great breakout session on this at CYMC 10-13 June in Arizona.
  • @kellirp LOVE your parent's flyer.
  • Here is a great webinar on fundraising. It will really inspire you to invite people into the ministry financially.
  • And guess what? We just hired a new staff member, Stephanie Espinoza, on the Catechesis Team to serve as Coordinator of Hispanic Ministry Resources and Outreach. Hooray! You can reach Stephanie at
  • Here is a flyer and information/registration page from a fantastic parish in WI.
  • Dustin!! I am so glad you are connected with Life Teen parish coach Katie Gray. We look forward to walking with you this first year and walking you through recruitment of volunteers, training, setting your calendar, and navigating the variety of res…
  • So grateful for your feedback!! Let me know how it goes over with your parents!
  • Here is a great daily devotional on Divine Mercy
  • A practical way to plan your ministry, personal goals, and anything else that needs to be documented: I've been using this method for over a year with work, local ministry, my family, and my personal goals. Relieves a lo…
  • Here's a great resource from Catholic Youth Ministry Training Convention 2017: Not just about pro-presenter. Lots of great resources for set design, backgrounds, etc. from the team that produces all ou…
  • Here's a great core covenant, one for Life Teen and one for Edge, to use at the beginning of each year. I love this so that when hard conversations arise you can easily point back to the covenant. Then the conversation is not a personal attack on th…
  • Alive and Dangerous is one Life Teen series we have in Spanish. We also have both Edge and Life Nights from Barcelona in Spanish.
  • Email for more information on what resources we currently have in Spanish.