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  • Re: Tests in Confirmation Prep?

    Hi! I know exactly where you are coming from and i have felt the same struggles- and am working and (mor eimportantly) PRAYING for a change in attitudes and cultures. I don't use formal tests, but i do an entrance interview with teens when they begin the Prep and an exit interview 2 years later, about 2 months before the Sacrament. In addition, i have developed a google form that I send via email to sponsors as a way to check in. Sponsors tend to be pretty honest about how often they communicate, what struggles they have faced, etc. It gives me some more "data" so that I know what teens to check in on more intentionally, or to ask my core team to help me address.

    I do make it known to teens that there are basic things that I expect them to know by the time of the exit interview and I give them a study guide to help them find those answers.

    I don't know that this is the perfect approach. My pastor says it's a bit intense - but i do feel a sense of responsibility for making sure that they know what they are receiving and that they fully support it and are committed to being faithful disciples.

  • Re: Spanish - Relational Ministry Training

    I skimmed through this resource and it's GREAT! The translation is very good. I think they did a great job and i plan to use this as I try to incorporate more Hispanic parents into our LifeTeen program.