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  • Re: Disaster/danger preparedness

    If you have a school at your parish there is typically some type of natural disaster preparedness system in place. I know we had one for California because of Earthquakes. You might want to talk to some local catholic schools about their plans and make sure your Core Team knows where to take teens in a natural disaster and where emergency first aide kits, water, blankets, and food might be located. It is a good thing to do in case something happens. They are used to it because every school does this annually.

  • Re: Relational ministry

    I think the key with relational ministry is to calendar it into your day. @rraus shared at CYMC the question based off of the Barna Report, "What if you didn't tweak the curriculum & spent more time doing relational ministry?" I want to follow that up with a challenge. What would our ministry look like if we spent 25% (10 hours in a 40 hour work week) of our time doing relational ministry? What if Core on weeks that they were not preparing the Life Night spend 2 hours a week doing relational ministry instead of planning or waiting for the next Life Night? How many more teens would we reach? There are a ton of ways to do Relational Ministry. Check out the Relational Ministry training videos on These videos provide a ton of great ideas that will help you get started.