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  • Re: Cell phones in life nights?

    I encourage teens to bring their phones. We incorporate them in a variety of different ways whether it's having them text, snap, and insta before a big event inviting their friends. Or sending out messages to the kids in their small groups who didn't make it to a particular night. We also invite the kids to share their favorite moments on social media.

  • Re: Daily Devotionals

    If I had 10 minutes a day to spend with high school youth, instead of using a devotional book... I'd teach them a different type of prayer and practice it with them for a month at a time. I might start with something simple like The Examen by Saint Ignatius and then go into Lectio Divine, Ignatian Meditation, etc. But, thats just me! I think that its important to teach our kids different schools of prayer so as to help them find what works for them during this season of their life. I also might suggest having the kids keep some type prayer journal that they can reflect back on throughout the school year.

  • Re: Relational ministry

    I'm all about the notion that as youth ministers we're called, not simply to offer events at our parish that impact youth, but to meet young people "literally" where they are at. One of the ways that I try to do this regularly is by scheduling time for sporting events, plays, musicals, concerts, etc that the youth at my parish are involved in. Also, I take the time to visit various schools throughout the year (including our parish school) for lunch with the teens. Outside of that I try and schedule a time once a week to meet at a coffee shop with a group of our teens to hang out in an informal setting. By taking the time out of my week to implement these small practices, I've seen the depth and breadth of the relationships that I've built with these young people change in a way that I didn't know was possible.

  • Re: Best podcasts for youth ministers?

    These are some of my favorite podcasts to listen to: Catholic Stuff You Should Know, SQPN: The Break, Pints With Aquinas, Integrity Restored Podcast, The RELEVANT Podcast, Ex-Youth Pastors Podcast, The Red Couch Podcast with Propaganda and Alma, and The New Activist. Not all of them are Catholic, but they are definitely all worth a listen.