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  • Re: How do I get my pastor to understand what youth ministry actually takes to be successful?

    Start by realizing you and your pastor are on the same team. Ask him, "what is your vision for youth ministry here at the parish? What are the challenges, needs and opportunities as you see them?" Then you can have a conversation about any disparities you see and pray together about ways to approach the challenges and needs together, from a united front.

    Also, ask for the intercession of whoever your parish is named for. Hope that helps!

  • Re: Relational ministry

    Finding something they are passionate about and having them teach me all about it.

  • Re: How important is a Teen Mass to start Life Teen at a Parish?

    Having a Mass where teens can participate in the liturgy as lectors, musicians, greeters, ushers and Eucharistic Ministers (once they are Confirmed) makes a bigger difference than having a Mass that simply has more contemporary worship. That is a great aspect, but helping teens to see their role in the Body of Christ and contributing to the liturgy bears so much fruit in my experience!

  • Re: Re-Branding

    Have a design that is clean, simple and useable for multiple mediums (t-shirts, banners, social media, etc.), that is in support of a vision you have developed through a lot of prayer and getting feedback from teens and the creative types of your volunteer team!

    I find that when you design something new and just start putting it everywhere, nothing really sticks. But if there is a vision you can share, a story behind the logo that can inspire and invite people into something, the response is much more noticeable. Focus less on making an artistic statement or copying styles you have seen elsewhere, and more on a vision for your ministry that can be communicated through a simple, effective design.