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  • Re: Time Management

    A practical way to plan your ministry, personal goals, and anything else that needs to be documented:

    I've been using this method for over a year with work, local ministry, my family, and my personal goals. Relieves a lot of pressure on what needs to be done each week and yet gives an overview of the month and year ahead. Also, a great way to see what was accomplished!

  • Spanish - Relational Ministry Training

    If you are looking for a Core Training in Spanish, we have an unauthorized translation from our Life Teen parish in Honduras for use. Please note that Life Teen staff has not thoroughly reviewed the translation, but the translation is from a fantastic Life Teen parish in Honduras. If there are edit suggestions to this document, we would love to receive feedback. Happy to provide tools to further your ministry!

    Core Training - Relational Ministry

  • Re: Youth Room Designs

    Here's a great resource from Catholic Youth Ministry Training Convention 2017: Not just about pro-presenter. Lots of great resources for set design, backgrounds, etc. from the team that produces all our training events.

  • Re: Is there ever a time in which we tell someone "NO" to volunteering?

    Here's a great core covenant, one for Life Teen and one for Edge, to use at the beginning of each year. I love this so that when hard conversations arise you can easily point back to the covenant. Then the conversation is not a personal attack on the Core Member but a focus on what the team agreed to live out as a community. Ultimately it is always about leading teens closer to Christ and becoming more like Jesus each day.