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  • Re: Music Playlists

    I've been using 2 Spotify playlists frequently for general background music during social time at the beginning of our Life Nights:

    • Sounds of #Steubie17 (a good mix of classic/popular praise and worship songs with some newer stuff mixed in)
    • KLOVE (A good generic mix of Christian hits)
  • Re: Favorite moment of CYMC 17?

    This was my first CYMC, and after my first year as youth minister... boy, did I need it! My first year was a struggle, to say the least. CYMC gave me back some of the inspiration that I had lost over the year and gave me some much-needed perspective. Lots of favorite moments... but I think the most impactful one for me was Sr. Miriam's talk on Mary-- it really set me up for a better experience the rest of the week by helping pull down some of the walls I had around my heart. A little story about that:

    I could have sworn that Sr. Miriam was speaking directly to me that night. I know others felt similarly, so you know the Holy Spirit must have been moving! I really do believe that God wanted me to hear her words, though, because I think I was under spiritual attack right before her talk got started. As she was being introduced, I felt an overwhelming sense of discomfort and anxiety, making me want to leave the room and go out to the hallway and just cry or get away from everybody and be alone. I can't explain it. It was so sudden and out of the blue, just a terrible feeling mentally/emotionally. The only reason I didn't leave is because I was sitting near the front, and in the middle of the row, and it would have been hard to get out of the row discreetly. So I just sat there feeling miserable for several minutes. But then, as she started to speak, the feeling started to dissipate. I'm so glad that I stuck around, because it turns out that I REALLY needed to hear what she had to say. By about halfway through her talk, I was sitting there with tears pouring down my cheeks, but they were good tears of overwhelming relief and amazement, I couldn't believe how close I came to missing it, because it felt tailor-made for everything that was on my heart that night!