Summer events other than Steubenville?

I've been finalizing the summer schedule for our HS and MS ministry, and Steubenville is on our schedule. However, I'm interested in other events and things that are available over the summer. Do you have any ideas?


  • @jgovernale It definitely depends on the Diocese that you're working for, but here in Denver we offer Prayer and Action over the summer which is a week long mission trip where youth serve at a particular parish in our Diocese. Throughout the week youth will paint, clean, do yard work, and perform other meaningful tasks for the poor, handicapped, and the elderly of our community. Youth will spend the week in an atmosphere free of distractions which will foster their faith, inspire charity, and lead them closer to Christ. Each session will allow them to get to know other middle school and high school youth from the Archdiocese who share their Catholic faith.

    I'd also suggest looking seeing if your Diocese does Totus Tuus. Totus Tuus (Latin for Totally Yours) is a fun and energetic parish based summer catechetical program for both grade school age children and middle and high school youth. Totus Tuus gathers together college students and seminarians from across the United States onto teaching teams of four in order to train them and send them out on the road to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in various participating parishes. The teachers’ youthfulness, energy, and ability to witness to the Faith make them particularly effective with children and young adults.

    You might even consider doing Catholic Heart Workcamp. atholic HEART Workcamp is about SERVICE, CONNECTION and LOVING OTHERS. It all started in 1993 in Orlando, FL with 100 participants and has grown to over 13,000 serving in 2018. CHWC provides parish youth groups, teens and adult leaders service opportunities to restore homes and HEARTS, feed the hungry, lift the spirits of children, bring joy to the elderly and disabled and offer assistance while partnering with social agencies.

    Otherwise, offering a summer mission trip, retreat, or sending your kids to one of the Life Teen Summer Camps could be some great ideas.

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