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Has anyone done LifeTeen’s “SEARCH” retreat? Any learnings you can share. We are having a 2018 Fall retreat and want to start with the planning. Also any ideas on T-shirt graphics or environment you can share? TIA!


  • We did things a little different this year. We had our back to school social, then labor day weekend. We returned from the break with putting on this retreat this past weekend and we all absolutely enjoyed it. It allowed us to set the bar of what's to come this upcoming year. Kids responded really well to the retreat, theme, and talks. Just a couple of things we struggled with and/or made adjustments on.

    The game with the cool whip/string cheese they really didn't get into but understood once I related that into the talk of distorted vision and they had a hard time with 20 million questions. Also for the final gift wrapping activity, we didn't have the manpower to wrap all of those boxes with puzzle pieces so what I did was bought a whole bunch of balloons and took 20 pieces off each puzzle and stuck them in individuals balloons. There were balloons everywhere and some of them did not have puzzle pieces in them! So it became this crazy race where they were running everywhere, pooping, balloons and trying to complete their puzzle. They had a blast.

    I hope this helps and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Puzzlle: :

    T-Shirt Design

    "Gift Wrap Game"

    Session One Hope and Fears

  • This was my original vision for our shirt, but each color would have raised the price.

  • Overall, we had a fantastic time!!

  • Dustindauz- Thanks so much for sharing. One question is did you use 1 puzzle for each small group or 1 puzzle total for everyone to complete with the missing pieces?

  • @DianeBartlett we had one puzzle per small group. The puzzle was put together in advance and removed 20 pieces from it that they had to find.

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