Mary / Marian Song at end of Life Night

Howdy all, looooong time Life Teen person here. Was out for 15 years, now relaunching a program in Ann Arbor with my wife Caroline. Lots of things being worked out and setup, good stuff.

There is/was a Life Teen tradition to end Life Nights and such with a Marian Song. This is based on a universal Catholic of such (like the Salve Regina at Evening Prayer)... is this still a Life Teen thing to do? and what song is the best or most useful or most beautiful or ideal for teens.

I planned on doing the St. Timmy way of "Hail Mary" (from "Hail Mary Gentle Woman"), and the Fatima "Ave-Ave-Ave Maria" ending. That was met with some hesitation by some teens we asked. Their parish ends with some variant of a sung "Hail Holy Queen" (hail holy queen... mother of mercy, mother of Christ, etc...), so they are biased on that one.

I don't want to seem stuck in the 1970s with the Carey Landry song, but it's simple and (as far as I can tell) it works.

So, what's the deal-i-o these days?

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