Beginning TOB at our parish in a couple weeks. I'm getting excited! We have invited all of the teens from the surrounding parishes within the vacariate to join us. What are some fun gender specific activities that will help the teens bond early on in their small groups?! Ready, set... GO!


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    Great stuff @"", thank you for posting these helpful tips!

  • I second battle of the sexes. We did a guy/girl series a few weeks ago and did guy trivia questions for the ladies and girl trivia questions for the guys. I cried I was laughing so hard as the guys debated fiercely what color "fusha" really was.

  • We played a game where each gender gathered separately to list what they appreciate about the other gender (keeping it clean) - i.e. they smell nice, they can be thoughtful, they are good at packing vehicles, etc. We also made a list of top 5 things guys should know about girls and vice versa. The best part was sharing both lists as a large group. So fun!

  • Guy games:
    -Peel the onion (physical high intensity game). Most guys linked up and sit down with a few guys (peelers) trying to pull guys apart.
    -guess the product: get a bunch of makeup and female beauty products and have guys try to guess what they are for

    Girl games:
    -MASH: an old game kids would play in school about their future spouse/home/job etc.

    Guy vs Girl:
    -Pull Up (Chair Game)
    -Complete the lyric to the pop song

    If you can't find the instructions to a game on google let me know!

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