Praise and Worship during Holy Hour: best practices

Totally new to this forum, so I am not sure exactly how it works! BUT I need the help of other credible youth ministers who can speak to this topic. :)

Here is my topic for discussion.... I am collaborating right now with another parish for a joint youth group, and as a part of our program we offer a monthly Adoration night with Confessions for the teens. This is our "encounter" night. We hope to cultivate their hearts throughout the month at our regular gatherings, and then give them that monthly personal encounter with Christ in Adoration. The team recently asked me to take on planning this Holy Hour each month, and I went straight to what I know: a short talk, followed by Praise and Worship during Adoration. While the team technically asked me to take it on, they really like to share their opinions of exactly how it should be done (such is the nature of collaborating)!

One thing I am working with them on right now is to help them understand the purpose of praise and worship, and how to do it effectively during Adoration.

For some reason they really think that Praise and Worship during Adoration needs to also be combined with the rosary, a chaplet or two, a couple litanies, an examination of conscience read out loud, and some silence, all mixed up throughout the hour with the songs dispersed in-between (it sounds like a lot, because it is)... coming from a long history/experience with praise and worship music, I can tell that they just have no clue how to structure it or what it should even look like... As a result our teens totally check out during Adoration because WAYY too much is happening up front and there is zero harmony/flow to the night. I'm having a hard time getting the message through that what we are doing isn't working, and meanwhile our attendance for Adoration nights is slowly decreasing... I would love to hear if anyone has any good resources about how to structure a praise and worship session during Adoration (or if anyone has personal experience doing it that could just drop a comment and speak to best practices), that I could share with the rest of my team. My hope is to gently educate them in best practices, help them see that all we really need to do is put Jesus out and lead them in worship, and I think it would be especially helpful if they could hear the message from others too (not just me). My hope is they would see that there are actual professional resources out there who speak to "best practices" for praise and worship that we can learn from as a team.

Anyways, that's my life story haha - if anyone has any resources on how to lead/structure praise and worship, or even general resources about the WHY behind praise and worship that I could check out/pass onto them, I would be incredibly grateful! I've found a few things online, but nothing related to Adoration. God Bless!

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