Barna State of Youth Ministry Report

Here is an interesting article that highlights some key points from the Barna State of Youth Ministry Report. My take away is that parishes need soup the ration of Core members to try to get to a one to 5 ratio teens to core, Parishes need copartner with parents more so our work with teens is more a partnership with parents and lastly that even though teens are busier than they have ver been - we need to power through anyway and have our discipleship efforts become a big part of who they are. Here is a link to the article -


  • Thanks @TriciaT2 and @rraus for these articles...I love that early bird session on Sunday about the Barna much to unpack with this one. These articles definitely help.

  • I got a lot out of that early bird session! I purchase the State of Youth Ministry Report along with some other resources from Barna (Barna Trends 2017 and The Tech-Wise Family) cannot wait for them to arrive! Thanks!

  • @rraus
    In your first presentation at CYMC you mentioned the report finding churches who abandoned large group models for discipleship group saw a small amount of discipleship groups rather than maintaining or growing their numbers. Could you point me to where that is in the study? It would greatly inform some conversations I am having with fellow leaders and volunteers.

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