Evangelization verses Entertain

Teens are faced with future life decisions from 7th grade. Saving money is the driving force. As high schoolers are being pushed to take college courses in high school, as well as being encouraged to take classes for higher grades for scholarships. Many teens no longer have time to take electives to explore. This same mind set overlaps in to Yourh Nights in the Parish. It is looked at one more activity that takes teens away from their goal.

What ways can we show teens God is the goal and He has given them their passion and desires?


  • Go where they are. If they aren't coming to the parish, find a way to minister on the school campus. Get cleared and come for their Christian club, as a volunteer or an aide. Bring red vines, youth ministry flyers and just do relational ministry. Teens don't care what you know until they know that you care; show them you care and they will make time to find out what you have to offer.

  • I agree with Matt. If we're not willing to go where they are, they feel divided about church and life. And we want them to know that God cares about them... all of them, in all of their activities. And we care too. By going to them we show that God isn't limited to just showing up at a life night, or at Mass. He's everywhere.

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