Hot button topics

How do you handle hot button topics with your teens? (Porn addiction, sexual abuse, and self harm just to name a few)


  • Testimonies are a great way to start

  • I think that it's important to address hot button topics in a very blunt, honest, straightforward, and vulnerable way. Testimony is 100% necessary to let teens know that they aren't alone in their struggle. We need to relate all of these topics back to Christ. Teens should leave the talk or discussion encouraged to invite Christ into their struggles and to rely on the accountability of others. If it is a more sensitive topic, its important to consider inviting a Christian counselor, priest, or mental health professional to come and be present. Its also necessary to provide resources for further discussion. Prepare your Core Team so that they are able to address issues that might come up in small group. Lastly, provide resources for the parents to continue talking about these issues with their teens as a family.

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