Best podcasts for youth ministers?

Not nessicarily about youth ministry, just good stuff you've found to make yourself a better leader, catholic, writer, presenter, etc


  • I like YM Answers, from Stuff You Can Use. Very practical stuff.

  • I've been listening to Immaculate Heart radio (found on iheartradio free of charge) mostly to Patrick Madrid, Fr. Matthew Spencer and Mother Miriam- all SO helpful and motivational, I'm pretty much hooked.

  • Sunday Sunday Sunday by Mark Hart is pretty good.

  • I like "The Break" by Fr. Roderick Vonhogen and "The Burning Strength Show" by Fr. Chris Cox. They're both pretty awesome. Fr Roderick's tends to be between 45 minutes and 1 hour in length whereas Fr. Chris' show is always about 29-30 minutes. Fr Chris will talk about current events, theology, and movie (+TV) reviews. I think he even did a recent one on CYMC. Fr. Roderick often talks about things going on in his life, technology, video games... its really an assortment, but entertaining.

  • Catholic Stuff Youth Should Know

  • These are some of my favorite podcasts to listen to: Catholic Stuff You Should Know, SQPN: The Break, Pints With Aquinas, Integrity Restored Podcast, The RELEVANT Podcast, Ex-Youth Pastors Podcast, The Red Couch Podcast with Propaganda and Alma, and The New Activist. Not all of them are Catholic, but they are definitely all worth a listen.

  • Catholic Stuff you should know, The word on fire show, UMD Newman Catholic Campus Ministry (Father Mike Schmidtz), Pints with Aquinas, and Catching Foxes (which is an explicit Catholic Podcast) are all really good.

  • Catching Foxes is a great one!

  • Don't forget about Catholic Breakfast (though technically a vlog)!

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