Time Management

What are some time management tips that youth ministers have put into practice to be more efficient?


  • I really struggle with this and self care :(

  • My best piece of advice is to write things down. I think often in ministry we tend to keep things in our minds too much, but never put things down on paper. It makes things more real when they're on paper (or electronically).

  • A practical way to plan your ministry, personal goals, and anything else that needs to be documented: http://bulletjournal.com/

    I've been using this method for over a year with work, local ministry, my family, and my personal goals. Relieves a lot of pressure on what needs to be done each week and yet gives an overview of the month and year ahead. Also, a great way to see what was accomplished!

  • I also love the Bullet Journal method. Planning my day and my ministry is far more doable when I have lists. Plus it allows me to create the layout based on what I need it to look like that week. I also love that I can doodle some and let my creativity flow. That also makes it far more appealing to do.

  • This Storyline Planner is pretty awesome.

    I'm a PT YM, and have a FT job which hasn't really allowed to use this, but I wish I could. I use parts of it though, and it's great.
    It changes your mentality on organization and daily goals.

    Use it in conjunction with a Bullet Journal... you'd be set

    Here is the link, and it has instructions.

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