I am wondering what the current trend is at parishes in youth ministry's. Do y'all have charis set up at your large group gatherings, ie. Life Nights? We haven't set up chairs. The teens enter the room and serve food. They then sit at tables to eat. After eating, they are invited into the front of the room to begin the Life Night. They sit on the floor at that point.

I am just wondering if this is the most welcoming approach, especially for new teens who are there as guests. Thoughts?


  • I'm all for chairs because it puts everyone at the same level. You won't have a teen inclined to lay down on the floor when they are in a chair. Plus, physically, if your speaker is standing up, it may be intimidating or even dis-engaging if someone is standing above you speaking down to you. It's okay to stand and speak but it might be more engaging if the levels of faces are closer.

  • I'm with @fayemccreedy.

    We do chairs at our parish to feel a little more even and also treat the teens like young adults. Personally, I hate sitting on the floor, so I'm not going to make our teens do it.

    I gave a talk last fall at a friends parish, where the teens sit on the ground and I was super uncomfortable with the height difference. I ended up sitting on something that was around - I think it was a box.

  • I personally like to sit in the floor, but we set up chairs, and tables for eating.
    I agree that the levels is important when there is a speaker, and it is easier to stand up to participate

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