Seeking advice on dealing with pressure from other ministries to involve youth

Does anyone else have experience being on the receiving end of pressure from other ministries at their parish re: working with them/ involving youth in their events?

I keep getting contacted by other ministries at our parish such as the Pro-Life Ministry, the Green Team (Environment), etc. who want me to organize teens to attend outside events connected to their ministries. For example, the Pro-Life Ministry contacted me several times about organizing teens to attend this year's March for Life, in addition to other local events in our community. They were pretty upset with me when I declined these offers (for now) even though I tried my best to explain my reasons in a sensitive manner.

It's not that I don't support these types of events, or that I don't want our teens to embrace Catholic social teachings... but I just don't feel that we're there yet. I'm trying to re-boot our Life Teen program, and for now it's hard enough getting the teens through the doors of the church and into the youth room once a week!

I also frequently get contacted by groups/ministries in our parish that are seeking volunteers for their projects or events. I feel hesitant about this because (1) with the frequency that these requests come in, it feels as though other parishioners are viewing the teens as a source of manual labor and (2) if the service project or event overlaps with a day/time that we have a Life Night happening, I worry about it detracting from our (sometimes meager) attendance.

Basically, I don't want to overwhelm the teens with too many choices, or pressure them to be involved in the parish in 5 different ways, when they could be involved in just 1 or 2 ways that will be meaningful to them personally. I struggle with explaining this to the other ministries, and I worry that I am being selfish with the teens.

Do you think I am being selfish, and if so... is it justified? Do you have any experience with this?

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