Chaos Retreat - Clay

Hey LT fam,

What have y'all done for the clay to make the crosses? The recipe included on the drive, how many does that make?

If the recipe is for 1 person and we have 51 on retreat, I would need to use 204 cups of flour. That seems like a lot....66 lbs of flour.


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    Ok, I went ahead and did a sample:

    • I followed the recipe, but needed a total of 2 cups (well, just under) of water.
    • did about 1/8 cup and it makes about 25.
    • To make the cross, I rolled each personal amount into two rolls and split one in half and put on either side of the main(vertical) beam.

    I added a photo to show the amounts, as well as some images I found on Google.

    I left the cross to dry over night, and the balls in the fridge with a towel, I'll post an update tomorrow as to how they dry / keep in the fridge

  • You mam are the real MVP. I made mine this am, but hadn't figured out how many it would serve. Thanks for working that math! I used about a cup and a half of water and maybe 6 T of oil.

  • So we decided there were too many variables to ensure the safe keeping and drying of the crosses, as well as the clay recipe not drying properly. When I made the cross myself (who is a pretty crafty person), It was too easy to squeeze too hard , making it not very durable. When it dried it cracked apart pretty easily.

    Our proclaim will still include the making of the clay, but we went and purchased a sturdier airdry clay at Michaels (any craft store should have it, same with Walmart). it should work a little easier with the teens.

  • Hi, so this has been a year since the last comment but i was wondering how many how many crosses did one bucket make. If by any chance you still remember that information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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