Sound System Reccomendations

I am looking for recommendations for a stand-alone all in one sound system "kit" that can be "parked" in our church cafeteria (speakers hung on the block wall, mixer in a cabinet), but then moved when/if needed to other spaces. Since this is a new purchase, if all parts and pieces are included (mics, stands, cords etc), all the better! Ideal price range would not exceed $2,000 for everything. Of course, I do not want to compromise audio quality or physical durability of the equipment. Likely number of channels would be 3-4 vocals, 2-3 guitars. Drums would not need to be connected for this space. Just a basic EDGE Night... Any thoughts for good audio quality without compromising

Thoughts? Ideas? Vendors?


  • Check out They have pretty decent prices, and if you talk to a representative on the phone, they usually give you better prices than online. They will also not charge any tax and sometimes give a little more of a break because being a Church and having a limited budget. They are also very good in finding something that fits your needs, based on your budget. It would be a good starting place for getting a mixer, rack, speakers, cables, etc. Have fun!

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