How do you strengthen your team more spiritually? How do we pray more as a team?

I feel like as a core team we bond very well but when it comes to the spirituallity part we stuggle with it, I feel like we dont pray enough as a team. We do opening and closing prayer before and after meetings. But I feel like we need more but I just dont know where to start. I would really like some advice on where to start please and thank you!


  • I would suggest doing a team devotion like 33 days to morning glory.

    When we start up and start meeting on the regular again, we will be doing the Heart of God 28 day personal retreat.

    I'm also incorporating 30 minutes of prayer time in the church to the start off our meetings. A few minutes on our own, and then gathering for intentions of each other, the teens and their families and the parish. :)

  • Doing a book study with my Core Team has been one of the best experiences I've had in ministry. We reflect on a different spiritual author every semester and spend part of our Core Team meeting in prayer before the blessed sacrament followed by reflection on what we've read and how the Lord is working through the particular text. At the end of our time of prayer and reflection we talk about what our resolution is going to be for the coming weeks and we spend some time praying for one another.

    Books that have been especially useful for this type of study are "The Soul of the Apostolate" by Jean-Baptiste Chautard, The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a' Kempis, "Come Be My Light: The Private Writings of the Saint of Calcutta" by Mother Teresa and Brian Kolodiejchuk, "Story of a Soul: The Autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux" by St. Therese of Lisieux, "The Way, The Furrow, and The Forge" by St. Jose Maria Escriva, etc.

  • A FOCUS Missionary I am friends with once told me that her team leader did this prayer exercise with them. They went to the edge of the campus boundaries and he explained that they were going to pray a rosary as they walked around/through the campus. Each decade they would walk to a specific place to intercede there for very specific intentions. For example:on greek row in front of fraternity houses known for partying, or in front of the building where they knew classes would be taught that were contrary to the church's teachings on abortion, same-sex marriage, etc, the dorms where students would struggle to live out their faith. I haven't done it here yet but am looking forward to trying something similar out at our public high school.

  • Change the focus of your monthly/weekly meetings. For example...if you would say you pray from 20% of the time and plan 80% of the time, flip that upside-down. Prayer time for 80% of the meeting and plan for 20%...I know, it doesn't sound doable, but it has helped us immensely

  • We've set a particular time during the day to set our alarms to pray from where we were remotely. One year, I based the time off of a Scripture verse for the year. We've also done prayer partners where they could check in with one another and share intentions. I found these to be more accessible since it was less of a designated time commitment, more like a greater mindfulness and intentionality within their day.

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