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Hey all, web design is not my forte but my pastor is really wanting me to focus on our online presence. If you like how your youth ministry is represented on your parish website I would love for you to share that with me! There's no point in reinventing the wheel if you guys have already had great ideas about what to put online and how to make it look great. Thanks!


  • Hi! I'm in the process of designing our website, but I put together a list of websites that have youth ministry websites to get ideas. Maybe this will be helpful for you!


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    I was having a hard time updating our wix site (which is super easy to use) due to time, so I left up important information and then linked our instagram feed to show upcoming events and stuff. We use instagram and e-mails for the most part, so it's nice to have our instafeed just push to our Life Teen site.

    That said, our parish will be getting a new website through our diocese and the template looks amazing so we will end up using that.

    Even though I'm not super proud of it here's the link www.stnics.wix.com/lifeteen

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