Parish Staff

Hi all!

I work with a parish staff that doesn't seem to fully understand the concept of relational ministry. I don't feel that they consider getting lunch with a teen or having teens come into the office an appropriate use of work hours. Personally, I feel that is where a lot of great conversations and good questions come from. Have y'all found any creative ways to help your staff understand youth ministry and relational ministry better?


  • A great way to do this is inviting them to enter into youth ministry alongside the teens. We try to have events throughout the year that anyone fro the parish can attend. This way it's not just the teens by themselves, with the rest of the staff and parish not truly understanding why we do what we do. As far as the staff and the use of your hours, share some glory stories that come from those lunches and conversations within the office. Until we share with them, we cannot expect them to understand why we use our hours the way that we do.

  • I find it helpful to find a few parents be the 'voice' or reinforce my voice. If you have any parents who have been impacted by the relational ministry you do, have them share their stories. Or share positive outcomes you have experienced, not to prove a point but to allow them to hear the good that comes out of it. Sometimes staff don't want to listen to the 'youth minster' as bad as that is, but a parent who voices it can be a stronger voice (in many things not just this topic).

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