Chaos Retreat flyer

Here's a draft of what I made on Canva for a Chaos flyer. I need to change a couple things (the font is too big on the back and I'm thinking about adding the logo on the front). In case anyone needed some font-spiration ;)


  • Canva = youth minister's best friend!

    Great flyer!

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    In case anyone wants, I have attached our Google Drive folder, you are welcome to use anything you find here.

    We made post cards, so those are there with the right dimensions to use at VistaPrint. we also have the background files along with the logo in different formats, so you can use in other formats (poster, t-shirts) etc. :)

  • Hey! Heading into Chaos this weekend...I made a booklet (not super fancy...made it with publisher) and put all the handouts in it etc. It's attached as a pdf, but I'm happy to email it out as the publisher doc if anyone wants it to make edits!
    PS - it reads funny in pdf, but should print out in correct page order as a booklet!

  • Hello Betsy, would you mind sharing the publisher document if you still have it? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

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