How do I get my pastor to understand what youth ministry actually takes to be successful?


  • Start by realizing you and your pastor are on the same team. Ask him, "what is your vision for youth ministry here at the parish? What are the challenges, needs and opportunities as you see them?" Then you can have a conversation about any disparities you see and pray together about ways to approach the challenges and needs together, from a united front.

    Also, ask for the intercession of whoever your parish is named for. Hope that helps!

  • @matty21: does he have a specific hang up?

  • I agree with @matthewzemanek with the vision piece. Often times the vision a youth minister has is opposite from a pastor or neither have articulated the vision. Be sure to site down annually and pray with your pastor about your youth ministry vision and if it is where the Holy Spirit is guiding your pastor and parish at this time. If you have never prepared a vision statement for your ministry check out the training video Creating a Youth Ministry Vision on

    In addition, you should plan on having 4 meetings a year with your pastor to make sure you are on track to accomplish the vision you have agreed upon. If you do not report to your pastor, this might be a meeting with a pastoral associate or a DRE. Regardless, in these meetings you will want to have conversations about goals, relational ministry, retreats, calendars, and where you need your priests support sacramentally and spiritually. If you have questions about what each meeting should entail, let me know and we can arrange a coaching appointment to go over them. Know you are in my prayers and the more you share your vision with your pastor and the entire staff and parish, the more you will see advocacy and understanding of what Youth Ministry is at your parish and with staff.

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