Ministering to Youth with Special Needs

Does anyone know of any good resources to ministering to youth with special needs? Are there any good books/blogs/websites you can recommend in this area. It seems like there is not too much in regards to resources that pertain to a spiritual formation environment, more so in an educational environment.


  • @LouieL777 Honestly, ministering to youth with special needs has been one of the most challenging and yet rewarding aspects of my job. Our parish has a school and we're one of the only schools in our Archdiocese with a special needs program so occasionally I'll have several special needs kids involved in our middle and high school youth ministry. I have yet to find any outstanding Catholic resources in this area, but the biggest thing I can recommend is to find several caring adults with a heart for special needs youth that can act in the role of a one on one helper for that particular young person. What's incredible has been watching these kids grow in their faith over the years and feel connected to our youth ministry family. I'd also highly recommend partnering with the parents and meeting with them one on one to figure out best practices in terms of how to reach their particular child. Oftentimes, the parents of the kids might even be a great resource to have present during your youth nights as they already know how to care for their children and are deeply invested in their spirituality. I wish I could give you better more concrete text book resources but I have yet to find any great ones.

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