What to do on a 12-hour bus trip to Summer Camp?

Any ideas? Also, cell phones? Yes or no? If yes, for how long?

Thank you.


  • This is a shoutout to @TriciaT2: Play hey cow! Divide your van, bus, car in half by which side of the vehicle they are sitting on. When you see a herd of cows on your side of the vehicle, yell out your window "hey cow!!!" As many cows that turn and look at you as you drive past you earn as points. Set a point total you play to and go at it.

    Another fun game with cows are cows and graveyards. Same set up as above the only difference is if you pass a graveyard on your side of the car all of your cow points that you've earned so far "die" and you have to restart.

    Moo ????

  • Find a license plate for every state! Good luck with Rhode Island! ⚓️ (It took us 3 months after camp was over to find it!)

    I also recommend the movie Priceless for a road trip.

    I've also created a Travel bingo card with signs they might see along the side of the road like mile marker 99, McDonalds, Falling Rock (can't make it too easy!) pedestrian crossing, Historical Site, speed limit 55, etc.

  • I have played some great games of Mafia on bus rides. Also being stoked up on riddles and great word-play or puzzle games like Snaps, the line game, black magic, how many flies?, Apples not oranges, pterodactyl, and a ton of other games. Google instructions or comment if you can't find a description!

    Also, busses are great opportunities to pray rosaries or a chaplet!

  • @matthewzemanek Wow. Thank you for the suggestions.

  • @matthewzemanek: you've got to explain some of those. Snaps? Black magic? Pterodactyl?

  • Listen to a good podcast and have the teens discuss. That's what I do. They love engaging about what the speaker says and debating. And this way, someone else has already created the content. There's another post on this forum about possible podcasts.

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