Inviting Outside the Parish

Hey guys!

Another local youth minister and I are hosting a few events over the summer for teens from both of our parishes. I really want to invite teens who aren't catholic, and maybe aren't even christian. My thought was to put a flier on the board at coffee shops and similar places inviting teens to join us, but we are concerned about the safety of this for ourselves and our teens. Have any of you successfully tried to invite teens from outside the parish to youth ministry events? Any suggestions?

Thanks so much!


  • We just had our last edge nigh and 1/3 of the kids were guests. We brought 3 gift cards ($5, $5, $10) and gave them away as a door prize. Each youth received one raffle ticket, a youth who have not attended before received two tickets, and if you brought a friend who not attend before you received 3 raffle tickets. So if you were a regular and you brought a friend you got 4 raffle tickets :)

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