Set Your Priest Up For Success

I was talking with an Area Contact and they mentioned the importance of "setting your priest up for succes," especially when it comes to their involvement in youth ministry.

Besides keeping him in the loop with scheduling/ activities and inviting him to participate in events, how can I support my priest, help him be confident, and hell him be fully integrated in youth ministry?


  • Let him be a part of the visioning process for your ministry. Tell him when issues or trends are happening in teen culture so he can address them from the pulpit at the youth mass. I also heard of a priest who, when a young man is interested by in the priesthood, gives the teen the roman collar of his neck and tells him to use it as a bookmark for his Bible, and if he's ordained one day he can use it as his own. Most of all, pray for him and affirm him. Priests are asked so much, and given so little feedback, appreciation and affirmation.

  • May seem like the most basic of concepts...but show the collar the respect it deserves. Be aware of how you address him in front of the CORE and teens. Even if you have issues with Father, don't express that to the other parishioners. Create a relationship with your pastor that shows you respect his authority and you're on board with HIS mission for the parish as a whole...and he'll buy into your mission for the youth ministry!

  • One thing that I find that helps is to always keep your priest informed of what's happening in teens lives. sickness, new relationships, struggles, accomplishments, etc. This helps them to be able to connect with the teens by knowing what's been going on in their lives. Also it allows them to develop better relationships with the teens and to minister to them more effectively. As well as strengthening your ministerial relationship with the priest.

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