Relational ministry

What is your favorite way to implement relational ministry with teens?


  • Finding something they are passionate about and having them teach me all about it.

  • Going around with a bag of mixed candy and having a teen pick a piece that represents their personality.

  • Or asking what Hogswart house they'd get sorted into.

  • I think the key with relational ministry is to calendar it into your day. @rraus shared at CYMC the question based off of the Barna Report, "What if you didn't tweak the curriculum & spent more time doing relational ministry?" I want to follow that up with a challenge. What would our ministry look like if we spent 25% (10 hours in a 40 hour work week) of our time doing relational ministry? What if Core on weeks that they were not preparing the Life Night spend 2 hours a week doing relational ministry instead of planning or waiting for the next Life Night? How many more teens would we reach? There are a ton of ways to do Relational Ministry. Check out the Relational Ministry training videos on These videos provide a ton of great ideas that will help you get started.

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    I'm all about the notion that as youth ministers we're called, not simply to offer events at our parish that impact youth, but to meet young people "literally" where they are at. One of the ways that I try to do this regularly is by scheduling time for sporting events, plays, musicals, concerts, etc that the youth at my parish are involved in. Also, I take the time to visit various schools throughout the year (including our parish school) for lunch with the teens. Outside of that I try and schedule a time once a week to meet at a coffee shop with a group of our teens to hang out in an informal setting. By taking the time out of my week to implement these small practices, I've seen the depth and breadth of the relationships that I've built with these young people change in a way that I didn't know was possible.

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